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Wal Mart Clinics – Free Market Health Care

Now I go to the VA for all of my medical needs, so I haven’t used one of these clinics, but I can make a few comments and assumptions.

These clinics are designed to diagnose and treat the most common illnesses that people end up with and at a great price.


Because the idea is to attract people without health insurance, people that are paying out of their pocket. The prices are low and I have to assume the care is pretty good. They list the following services, but they aren’t limited to these:

Allergy care
Acne care
Bladder infections
Camp/School physicals
Bites and stings
Sinus infections
Respiratory infections
Wart removal

Like I said, they do treat some more things, but going by their published list, that’s pretty good. It does the job intended, treat people for common issues, keeps them healthy and keeps them out of ER’s where care is more expensive.

How do the prices stack up? Well a typical office visit at a general practitioner costs between 110 and 150 dollars. You can get in and get most anything treated at these clinics for under $65, with no appointment! Indeed even many peoples co-pays approach 65 dollars under their insurance plans.

These are not fly by night operations either. The ones in central Maine are run by Inland Hospital out of Waterville. You get the same care you would there at a fraction of the cost. They have Nurse Practitioners at these clinics, which is what I often got at my doctors office before switching to the VA after my discharge.

How do you bring down health care prices? You don’t insure people with the money  of others, disconnecting them from the costs, you use the market. A good example having been provided to us right here.

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