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Obama Administration Says What Everyone Else Has Always Known

The administration has said that “the private sector is the key to economic recovery”.

Wait… Not the government?

Austin Goolsbee says,

“Our effort now as a government should be to get the private sector, to help them stand up and lead the recovery. The government is not the central driver of recovery.”

Oh okay, so it makes me wonder, if they know that the government doesn’t, and can’t, drive economic recovery, than what were the stimulus and all the business crushing policies of the last 20 months all about? Government growth and expansion of liberal pet policies. That’s what it was all about. From paving roads that didn’t need repaving to spending millions on building new border crossings that get few cars a day it was about rewarding certain people, not stimulating the economy.

Furthermore, the budgets of nearly every federal agency have ballooned drastically since Obama took office. It’s not that Bush wasn’t a big government guy, it’s just that he was playing triple A ball and Obama in in the majors. Using the crisis to grow these budgets, they now become the new ‘norm’ they won’t be reduced to 2008 levels, or even to 2000 levels, which would be even better, they’ll just keep chugging along. If the point of these inflation was to deal with the crisis, why can’t they be cut back to pre-crisis levels? Because Democrats (and some repubs) cry foul every time it gets brought up, they talk about hurting the children and grandma and the middle class. Strangely these people all seemed to be getting along fine with the level of spending before the recession, but now for some reason it would be something akin to the holocaust to go back to those times.


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