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Gay Softball League Can Discriminate

“It is not the role of the courts to scrutinize the content of an organization’s chosen expression.”

Damn right it isn’t. This is the same argument about whether the Boy Scouts can bar gays from joining. Private organizations should be able to discriminate if they wish, often times it would be an extremely poor decision to do so, but none the less, it shouldn’t be any of the governments business who you employ, rent to, or allow to join your private organization or business, nor for what reason you do so.

The two “straight” guys that sued need to ‘man up’ and find a league that wants them, or start their own.

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  1. 2011/06/03 at 16:01

    “The offending players were immediately identifiable by their inability to throw like girls”

  2. 2011/06/03 at 16:11

    Haha, I was wondering about that…

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