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Drug War has Failed, Panel Says

Well no kidding.

A panel from the Global Commission on Drug Policy has said that countries should try legalizing Marijuana and other controlled substances.

While I’m not sure legalization is the way to go, decriminalization certainly is. Which is the same way I feel about gay marriage, that there is no reason to give societal approval in any form, simply live and let live.

I also disagree that the government should dump money into providing a safety net for drug users. If you want to do drugs, that’s your business, but don’t ask me to pay for it when your brain boils over.

The sole concern I have with total decriminalization is whether or not it would have an effect on the availability of certain pharmaceuticals. Clearly things like opium would have increased use and so I can only assume that it would lead to a decreased supply and thus increased cost for things such as pain killers, although to be fair most of these things are synthetic these days. Either way, the market would surely be able to fix this if left to it’s own devices.

I’m pretty sure total legalization or decriminalization is impossible. I feel much of the reason that the war on drugs has been completely unsuccessful is because they dump money and other resources into arresting users, and not so much into trafficking. A possible first step here is to leave the users to do what they will and start focusing on the people making, transporting and selling (insert drug here).

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