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Paul Ryan Has The Right Idea

Unless you don’t understand simple supply and demand (and the fiscal realities we are facing) than you have no idea what you are talking about in criticizing Ryans’ Medicare solution.

It short it would provide seniors with a subsidy to buy insurance, rather than have the insurance administered by the government.

You don’t have to be very intelligent to see that there will be a huge supply of takers for the seniors subsidies and competition assisting in finding the savings that will surely elude the government. Yet all I can hear is Harry Rieds admonitions that republicans want to destroy seniors healthcare, medicare.

In a way, this is perfectly true. Republicans want to destroy the wasteful bohemoth of a program called medicare, make the thing sustainable and put some power back in the hands of our elderly, not in the hands of medicare adjustors.

Democrats not only have no solution for long term solvency, they believe that there IS no solution but government. As Thomas Sowell said, “Conservatives know there are no solutions, only trade offs.” It’s true, Liberals thrive on the idea that government can solve their problems. If only we tax more, regulate more, subsidize more, than people can be controlled and solutions found.

But people aren’t chessmen you move on a board, their hopes and their dreams ignored. (yoink! from the latest Keyenes/Hayak video) Sorry democrats, you can’t thump people into agreement/compliance and vast, unwieldy, unaccountable programs like Medicare don’t solve problems, they are just another, in this case poor, trade off.

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