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This Bob is the kind of person that makes whatever group he is a part of cringe every time he opens his mouth. So I feel I should highlight some intelligent remarks made by him.

This is in response to a post about pedophilia and the catholic church, at least loosely.

Nate, YOU are the troll on Michael Hawkins post. You changed the subject to utter nonsense, Nate The Noise Maker.

And than

Hehe, Nate the obfuscator. Can you find even more obscure publications? You ignored the point thst teachers get convicted. Priests get pensions and new venues.

And wrapping up

Pay attention, Nate the obfuscator. No one said there were no pedophile ministers or rabbis. I said we don’t hear about it nearly as much as the hodess of pedo priests. I see pedo priests E EVERYWHERE , stop being a cherry picking troll. Oh wait, that us how Christians use their bible. I see why now.

Now if you read Michaels post, and my comment on it, I figure a reasonable person might not react this way. Bob, is a special little man though. You’ll see more of this in the future. I feel sorry for atheists, who knows how much damage people like Bob do their cause, by acting like this. It happens in every group though, what can you do?

I only made the point that many times, schools are just as, if not more guilty of shunting offenders sideways to new assignments instead of reporting criminal behavior. He reacts like you see above. Very adult. Very intelligent.

UPDATE: He is right in his last comment, I’ll leave him with credit. We just don’t hear about sex abuse in places other than the Catholic Church. Which really is fascinating considering the vastly higher incidence in public schools and some sects of Protestantism.

Bob doesn’t care about that, because his crusade is against religion and the religious, irregardless of how severe the issue is or how common the issue is outside of religious bodies. The fact that your children are safer with a random Catholic priest than with a random public school teacher, doesn’t really matter to him.

UPDATE 2: I think he recently learned a new word, “obfuscatory”. While it’s a wicked nice word, if you use it in every other comment, and in cases where there is no obfuscation going on, it just makes a person look silly. One wonders if he truly knows how to use the word.

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  1. 2011/05/19 at 14:41

    I do have to admit I admire your patience in dealing with him all this time. Of course, after awhile he just sort of becomes a predictable caricature of himself and the New Atheists, so its more laughable than irksome.

  2. 2011/05/19 at 14:46

    We can’t all be old, retired and bitter commenters. I don’t know how many people even read what he writes, typically his comments get ignored as is they aren’t even there, It just happened on this very post actually.

  3. 2011/05/19 at 15:01

    I think they might be more notable if they weren’t exactly the same sort of comment on virtually every single post. The few times he visited my blog it was some brief incoherent snarling, then fleeing.

  4. 2011/05/19 at 15:04

    What you just said is ridiculous, yet true, which makes the guy all the more sad.

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