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Debt Ceiling

Even though we have hit the debt ceiling (legally, about 20 minutes ago), it doesn’t mean the government is out of money. It only means they can’t borrow any more. They still have the cash from this last round of debt they just sold.

So don’t believe the stories of federal poverty, poor people starving in the gutters and “the children!”. At least not for a while. Even than, it’s only going to be the feds holding out a cup, asking for your change. “The children!” will be fine.

For the record, once they run out of money, we’ll have a balanced budget, whats not to like?

*** I forgot to mention, to make up the shortfall that they are now unable to borrow, the feds will be slurping cash out of federal pension funds. Yeah, because Social Security is gone, there’s no more left to borrow!

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