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First Republican Debate

If you watched the republican debate the other night, you would have noticed that Herman Cain ran away with it. Originally I had picked him, but just because he was the first dumb bastard to decide to ruin his life and announce his candidacy, now its quite clear to me that the man does have something to offer and actually has a good chance of walking away next year with the republican nod.

He is plain speaking, articulate, concise and to top it off he actually has intelligent things to say. Compare that to our current president who’s speeches are more to whip up the crowd than pass on information.

Maybe when Obama loses the election he can look into a career as a boxing announcer or motivational speaker, and leave the “presidenting” to the capable adults.

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  1. 2011/05/06 at 23:28

    It’s literally laughable to suggest that the Republican party would ever nominate a black person.

  2. 2011/05/07 at 00:23

    We’ll see. He probably won’t gain the momentum to get the nod. Don’t be blinded by stereotypes Michael, I doubt there are any more racists in the Republican party than in the Democratic party.

    After all, the dems were the party of slavery, the party of jim crow and the party more against desegregation. I don’t imagine that tigers are so quick to change their stripes as you do, but I don’t imagine that either party cares about the race of it’s candidates, only their ability to win, and we could debate all day over which would be better.

    I also continue to doubt that democrats actually give a damn about racism and minorities outside of political opportunism.

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