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The Bully

The video is kind of childish, but it makes the point well enough.

If the government can force us to buy health insurance “for the common welfare” what else could they make us buy for the same reason? If indeed the courts agree that the federal government has this power lots of things come to mind.

Food – Why not require Americans to buy certain foods? If the government mandated that everyone eat healthier than the costs of health care might drop. You now have to buy 1 pound of spinach a week or pay a penalty.

Bonds – Big brother needs money? Every American must now go and buy government bonds… or pay a penalty.

Cars – Auto industry failing? That would put thousands out of work, everyone must go buy a car, after all, the taxes those companies pay go to the common welfare of the nation, we can’t let them fail.

The slippery slope argument isn’t one I like, mostly because it doesn’t often pan out. In this case the justification being given for the health insurance mandate is easily applied to a bunch of seemingly reasonable things. I have little doubt that if the government CAN mandate the purchase of products than it will. Why? Because it can serve as a stream of revenue that isn’t called a tax. That’s very different from other slippery slope arguments.

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