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Mother Earth To Have Same Rights As Humans?


The question I have is this: There are lots of countries that don’t give women the same rights as men, so which humans are we talking about? Men or women? There’s a whole slew of these countries that are UN member states, so it’s surely a good question.

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  1. 2011/04/13 at 09:40

    The same people gave human rights to bugs. That means in Bolivia, individual bugs and the earth are equally important.

    Perhaps this belongs in this post: http://aidwatchers.com/2011/04/un-revealed-to-be-gigantic-66-year-old-hoax/

  2. 2011/04/13 at 19:58

    Mother Earth killed over 10,000 people in Japan, when is she going to appear in criminal court?

  3. 2011/04/13 at 21:24

    Maybe she was lodging a protest Nate?

  4. 2011/04/13 at 21:26

    Well she should have used the proper channels!

    News stories read: “Newly recognized person, Mother Earth, bucks the bureaucratic process and lets the full measure of Her displeasure known to the world community. In what is widely believed to be a condemnation of waste and abuse in the system of complaint processing, an earthquake was felt in the western pacific ocean and resulted in deaths above 10,000. Mother earth was initially unavailable for comment when contacted by Nate News, but a spokesmen later said that ‘expect events like this to continue to happen’. A UN spokeswoman responded by saying that it is hoped an agreement can be reached “to lessen or eliminate” future natural disasters. “Give the diplomatic process a chance, before you start building sea walls and earthquake proof buildings.”

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