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Soak the Corporations!

As if there were any doubts about what people really mean when they drone on about ‘evil corporations’ we get stories like this.

What that story (and I’ve seen plenty others like it) boils down to, is local governments used the oil spill and the funds that resulted to go on a spending spree like a kid in a candy store with daddies credit card. Millions upon millions of dollars spent on tons of things that had nothing to do with the oil spill and all the while politicians and activists are whining about BP being cheap and profiting off the misery of others.

It may be true! I couldn’t care less about it though. Business exist to create wealth and I won’t blame them for doing so. I will blame government for squandering money that should have been put to other uses. You can’t claim that BP wasn’t doing enough and than misuse the resources they were providing, its arrogant and when even the AP picks up on it and does a story, we know it transcends political lines.

Again it all illustrates that government is not the solution to problems, at least the vast majority, because the people spending the moolah have no interest in it. When businesses are relied upon to solve problems they and their employees have an interest in making sure that money is spent wisely. There is still the possibility for abuse, but its less likely than the likelihood of government mismanagement by people with little experience or good intentions but no sense.

Charity is likewise better to handle problems and find solutions. While the individuals and organizations don’t really have a financial stake like business does, they are populated with people who actually care (most of the time) and the organizations tend to be specialized.

You want to fix a problem? Find a way for someone to make money solving it. Education would be a nice example, the government just keeps pouring money into it as if lack of funding is the problem. Just as with the oil spill, that isn’t the problem.

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