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Budget Deal, Good for DC

I’m only wanting to talk about school vouchers here, not abortion, not anything else. I don’t really think abortion is something any level of government needs to be spending money on, so its really an irrelevant action, just so we are clear.

DC will once again have a school voucher program. Excellent.Of course there were immediately shouts and screams about it taking money away from public schools, but that’s kind of the point.

What incentive do public schools have to improve? We give grants and extra funding to crappy schools and leave the good ones alone! Why would any school want to improve too much if it means a funding cut? Exactly. While certainly not every school administration thinks that way, enough do that I think we certainly have the system backwards. School vouchers will, as they did before, give the parents a vote on what schools are terrible and which are good.

If the school is good, expect parents not to make any changes, the 7500$ ish per voucher will stay right where it is. If your school sucks, than see you later, prepare to lose students and money.

It’s a beautiful market based solution. Let people shop for the best deal. Catholic school? Math and science? Some other specialized or privately run school? Go for it. This is how education dollars should be spent.

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