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Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Why you would want your states top court to be elected, I don’t know, but since that’s the way they do it…

Most everyone know the background on this. The legislature passed a bill stripping collective bargaining privileges from most public unions in the state and banned employees from being forced to join a union as a condition of employment (and of course paying dues). The Democratic senators fled the state, the Republicans passed the thing anyway by taking it out of the spending bill that required a quorum to vote on.

Lawsuits all over the place of course. Unions are obviously concerned that they won’t be able to buy as many politicians as they used to, but that’s life. Now I’m not familiar with all of the lawsuits but the most prominent one is a challenge over the fact that there may not have been sufficient public notice given before some kind of meeting.

This is where the Supreme Court race comes into it. Democrats and the unions were hoping to defeat the incumbent conservative justice and get a more liberal (and scary if you haven’t seen her talking… she’s something) one who would be more likely to rule their way.

The whole thing is nonsensical. Its a question of law, they either violated the open meetings law or they didn’t. Either way, it was no big mystery what was going on so I fail to see a real big issue. The whole thing could be rectified by passing the same bill again, but for whatever reason that isn’t being considered.

My 2 cents: Unions shouldn’t have the right to collectively bargain or force people to pay dues and be a member as a condition of employment. If a business or an individual doesn’t want to work with a union, they should be able to fire the lot of them. Unions don’t deserve monopolies any more than businesses do, and don’t try to tell me its any different, because it isn’t.

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