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Anti-Snooki Legislation

I think this is great. Rutgers paid Snooki $32,000 to give a talk about God only knows what. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t think that is outrageous, you should seek professional help immediately.

No I’m not against her making money, or Rutgers paying her $32,000 for nothing, that’s all perfectly fine. What irks me, and apparently many students at Rutgers, is this was paid for with a mandatory fee. I remember when I was in college, the ‘activities fees’ and other such nonsense, that I had to pay, but never benefited from.

It’s hard to make a case for this kind of garbage when tuition goes up every year and so do these mandatory fees, often used in other inappropriate ways such such supporting a particular political view or building a fence across campus (also political, but so dumb it deserves a mention). I’m also reminded of an event at the University of Maine Farmington, that involved sorting through the dumpsters from the dorms to weed out recyclable materials. A waste of money and a horrific biological hazard, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to produce a nice metal image of the sorts of things these people found. I enjoyed watching the idiots do it though.

If the students want to pay a Snooki to appear and give a presentation about how to give yourself skin cancer and a range of STD’s they can’t pronounce, than that’s fine. Just don’t make everyone else pay for it, college costs enough.

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