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Democratic Predictions if Ryan Budget Made it into Law

If Paul Ryan’s budget gets passed…

…homeless people will burst into flames.
…every child’s new puppy will die.
…seniors will no longer be protected from robots and their metal claws.
…handicapped children will be put in stocks and laughed at.
…the Koch brothers will hide in your closet and steal your breath at night.
…polar bears will flee melting ice caps and wait in dark alleys to maul you.
…society will collapse and the cast of Jersey Shore will become warlords.
…doctors will form death squads executing sick people without insurance.
…everyone will end up like Charlie Sheen.
…poor people will be sent to forced labor camps on the moon.
…Haliburton will kill you, break your body down into its component chemicals, and sell them.

One should note that one way to value a human life is the value of the chemical components that make a body up. Comes to about $4.50.

…Rebecca Black will be commissioned to make songs for every day of the week.
…everywhere you look, there will be nothing but disgusting fat kids.
…we Democrats are just going to whine and whine and whine until you can’t stand it anymore.

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