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Insurgency in GA

Struck by a moment of nostalgia this afternoon I remembered an incident that occurred during my basic training and infantry school about 15m in front of me.

0500… We eat a hasty breakfast in the company area and head out for the scheduled forced march. 16k I think, but that’s not important.

0630… The sun begins to rise over Fort Benning, birds are chirping, and the world is just peaceful (except for the presence of several drill sergeants). SUDDENLY… DEER!

Yes, suddenly a deer! About 15 meters ahead of me a small deer explodes out of the woods and impacts a soldier with its head. The sound of breaking bone is indescribable with words.

The deer got up and ran away shaking its head before a drill sgt arrived to brighten the situation with his presence.

When the DS did get there he obviously wanted to know what the hold up was, and “what the fuck happened to my 5 meter separation?!”, screaming guy on the ground was the second question.

Finally shaking off the shock of witnessing a mad deer attack I told him what had just happened. “no fucking way” was the obvious response. A quick survey of the surrounding ground showed the tell tail signs of a deer attack.

The soldier who was attacked suffered a broken hip and femoral neck, and ended up being medically discharged in the end due to his never healing right.

The insurgent deer was never seen again over the following 12 weeks of my training, but a sharp watch was kept to avoid future attacks.

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