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“Suppose that a government policy is imposed, in the interest of helping one side- say, employees or tenants. Such a policy means that there are now three different parties involved in these transactions and only those particular terms that are agreeable to all three parties are legally permitted. In other words, these new terms preclude some terms which would otherwise be mutually acceptable to the parties themselves.

Thomas Sowell

Two’s company, three’s a crowd! Come on in government!

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  1. 2011/04/04 at 11:17

    And yet, without gov’t intervention, oil companies might, for instance, be able to just drill where they see fit without concern for the environment or other parties impacted by their decisions.

    No company, no factory, no corporation, no person is an island. We are a society and need rules on how to interact with one another.

    In an ideal world, companies and factories and individuals would always do what is right for everyone involved. But, as we know, companies, factories and individuals too often are only looking out for their own best interests and if that means their swinging fist hits someone else’s nose, too bad. Too bad, UNLESS we as a community can agree upon some ground rules together.

    Which seems to be a responsible and smart thing to me. Perfect? No, but responsible and smart, nonetheless.

  2. 2011/04/04 at 11:19

    That’s not exactly what he was talking about.

    Think rent control as a better example.

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