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Our Next Stop on the Journey of Evolution

It was obviously a mistake to come down out of the tree’s in the first place, so I say we go back.

Just think, you never hear of impoverished monkeys and they tend to wage very few wars on each other, pay no taxes and almost never have to wear ties.

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  1. 2011/04/01 at 13:57


    Another advantage lost to us 😦

  2. 2011/04/01 at 14:25

    I don’t wear ties so there’s no evolutionary advantage for me to take to the trees.

    I would point out though, that people regularly do in fact take to the trees. Every deer season. Although I would stop short of calling this an evolutionary leap.

  3. 2011/04/01 at 14:28

    You missed the tail, the prehensile tail is a deal breaker for me, I would give up the internet OR coffee for the privilege of a prehensile tail.

  4. 2011/04/01 at 14:50

    I’m not giving up my Internet for anything.

  5. 2011/04/01 at 14:56

    Not even the ability to hang from a tail?

    Going back to the trees would involve getting rid of American Idol.

  6. 2011/04/02 at 01:56

    Not even for the ability to hang upside down. I’m not even going to ask how I’m supposed to go to the bathroom and I actually like American Idol. Well I should say that I like the auditions and not the show itself. Same thing with America/Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, etc. I enjoy the audition parts but I don’t follow them past that point.

    So, no, I’m not giving up my lolcats, email and especially my iPhone for anything.

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