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More Sex = Less Disease?

I think I may have read this or something similar to it at one point, but it’s still interesting.

We have 3 people to focus on, I shall name them:
Female 1 (F1)
Male 1 (M1)
Male 2 (M2)

M1 and F1 work together. They are both planning to attend the same party and both want to go home and romp afterward, but M1 decides he isn’t the promiscuous type and stays home, to avoid any hard feelings. So F1 and M2 end up hooking up and waking up the neighbors, you can imagine th-, you know that’s not really important here, AHEM.

Oh noes! F1 ends up getting AIDS from M2! Because M1 stayed home, he increased the chances of F1 getting a deadly and potentially telethon worthy illness.

If the M1’s lightened up a bit the chances of getting one of these diseases would drop statistically. Also by M1’s behavior he is less likely to be the sort that would spread something like AIDS once he had it, whereas M2 is little better than a suicide bomber in a crowded market. If he’s going to go, he’s taking some people along for the road trip. M1 just sits at home and dies quietly and harmlessly. (unless of course you are M1, than it sucks, sorry.)

So people like M1 do the world a service by going out to bars and picking up a F#, they are increasing the supply of disease free, drunken sex!

Of course M1 could also catch AIDS or something, but remember he isn’t likely to spread it.


Of course the world isn’t that simple and the concept isn’t necessarily effective, but If you don’t see a bit of an economic parable here than you should go back to Econ 101, and stay awake this time. Imagine you could give M1 an incentive to increase the supply of the aforementioned product. As it stands the risk may not exceed the reward here.

UPDATE: The liberals here should view M1’s chastity as pollution. Certainly M1 is contributing to the polluting of the sex supply by abstaining, withholding a statistical measure of ‘purity’. Perhaps we need some government regulation?

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