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Earth Hour

I’m a bit late off the starting blocks with this one, but a series of search and rescue operations late last week and than a missing warden service pilot and aircraft distracted me, understandably.

I hate “Earth Hour”. It fly’s in the face of human achievement and is purely symbolic.

Why turn only your lights off? Why not unplug the refrigerator, your TiVo, your washing machine, your furnace? Because people can’t see those things. It’s all about doing something people can see. The things you leave on that would really inconvenience you if cut off aren’t a part of the initiative.

People should be turning on their lights! If you want to have a show about making life better for people all over the world, turning on your lights is the way to do it, not shutting them off. Electricity dragged us kicking and screaming into the real modern era. If you want to get your hands around where real human suffering is than all you have to do is look at the world after dark.

The true celebrators of Earth Hour. Earth Year actually. Earth Decade? Well lets just say their carbon footprint is pretty small, and the environuts think thats great.

Notice the big dark spot above than big lighted spot. That’s North Korea, the true result of having the lights turned off, the true symbol of a world with little or no energy. It’s the probable result of a world where inefficient energy production and little or no consumption are made real. What a tremendous achievement to strive for.

Sure, oil and coal power have their issues, but although consumption of both of those sources of energy have risen, air quality has done nothing but get better over the past 50 years. What’s the issue with continuing to work on ways to make those industries cleaner? We are far from running out of either source of energy. Alternately we are far from having solar and wind be viable replacements. Hydroelectric power is efficient enough TODAY, to be used, and not require massive public subsidies, but no wants to build a dam. Anywhere.

Solar and wind both require these subsidies to even come close to being viable alternatives. It’s not hard to find stories of the higher prices of energy originating from “alternative”, “renewable” sources. Again, what is a big reason for poverty in parts of the world? Expensive energy. The same reason business doesn’t move to those places, the same reason people are waking up in mud huts covered in their own filth every day, the same reason that those people don’t have access to safe food.

North Korea. A liberal dream world of low per capita energy usage. Also a place where people are dying in the streets, but lets focus on the positives right? No need to be a negative Nancy.

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