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BEHOLD! The Debt Monster

"RAWR, I can has all your future earnings, and those of your children's children!"

A shame we don’t have a president with the intestinal fortitude to take the monster on. I had hoped for at least one house of Congress to have the balls, but even that now seems out of reach.

Now I’m concerned that if Obama loses to a republican in 2012 and the republicans hold on to the House and take the Senate (that’s almost a given) that the republicans will no longer have any ambition to tackle the monster. We need to keep the Obama, unfortunately, for another 4 years. There is no question that that will leave the repubs with the encouragement they need to do what is required.

Of course I would prefer a republican president who would require, in his own right, cuts to the federal bureaucracy, but I’m not going to hold my breath. There may yet be a conservative super hero out there, budget machete in hand, but I don’t see them. The only thing I see that is going to get the budget under control is inter-party rivalry.

Lets have some entitlement cuts. Lets have some DoD cuts. Lets have Americans once again given the incentive to achieve, instead of the incentive to do just enough work to qualify for a social benefit designed to keep them under the government thumb.

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