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Walker Death Threats

This is okay behavior because he is a republican is the target I suppose. At least this liberal writer has come around to the intelligent side. It’s even on HuffPo of all places.

Yeah… I read the comments and there were two angles for denial.

1) They are fake death threats from a Republican

2) Walker deserved it

Neither of which makes me any more sympathetic to the public union position or makes me believe that these beasts still retain any shred of humanity and of course neither of which have any truth in them. I don’t see a lot of conservatives posting that “they deserve it” when democrats are threatened, it happens of course, there are looney toons every where. I just don’t very often see much of it, much more from the left, but that’s just what I notice.

What can I say, liberals just seem to have a lot of pent up anger. Maybe they needed more hugs as a child or perhaps some heavy medications.

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