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How Much Moore?

The fat and stupid, capitalist anti-capitalist, moonbat flys again. Michael “spoons made me fat” Moore is now ripping on President Obama for one of the few actions I have agreed with him on. I don’t understand what the far left’s fascination with, and deep respect for, third world despots is. Maybe someone can explain it too me.

Iraq: I don’t care why we went, Saddam needed to be deposed and should have been in 1991 not in the next decade. While Iraqis may still be in danger from mad bombers, they can now vote and come and go as they please and do what they want. They have also had a tremendous growth in their economy, even with all the mad bombers. If its a choice between freedom and security (not that they were safe and secure under the tyrannical Saddam) most people, at least those who don’t take freedom for granted, will choose freedom.

Afghanistan: Again, I don’t care why we went, a tyrannical theocracy was deposed and some assemblance of a free government has been instituted. Freedom over security again. Girls are being educated, people are voting, the government still has accountability problems but they can be worked on and eventually if the Afganis can find the intestinal fortitude security will improve and they will live longer, happier, freer lives.

Libya: The day they hang that weird guy that wears those dresses and the funny hats is hanged in the streets will be a good day for everyone. We should have gotten to it sooner, but UN bureaucracy was in the way. Now that the mad hatters military toys are being smashed like the spiders in my basement, I think its only a matter of time before he gets a Colombian neck tie and justice is finally served. A fitting end for a dictator with funny hair.

So shut up Michael Moore. Go spend your time more effectively, like eating a few dozen more tubs of Chunky Monkey or washing the pit stains off of your dirty t-shirts.

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