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AT&T To Buy T-Mobile

Great news!

39 billion dollars though! Phew! 25 billion in new debt and the balance made up in common shares. Its great because as soon as the deal is finalized (possibly years of government meddling and wasting of tax payer dollars) the T-Mobile towers will join the AT&T network.

If you are a Verizon customer now and used to have Unicel, you might remember that after Unicel was purchased it took a while before the service got any better AND you had to get a new phone. No such issue here because the phones and towers of both companies use the same technology, GSM, and network coverage will get better almost immediately after the government gets done wasting our money screwing around where they don’t belong.

Go AT&T. (I’m really excited because I just bought an AT&T cellular modem for my computer. So if this deal goes through it mean much better service for me, my computer and my phone!)

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