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Police Blotter Fax Friday, Howie Carr Show

If there is any greater 15 minutes of radio each week, I don’t know what it is.

1. A woman in Romania blamed her breast implants for driving under suspension.

2. A man was charged with sexually assaulting a dog.

3. A man was convicted of stabbing his roommate so he could drink his blood. They had done this in the past, but he didn’t consent this time.

Winner 1. A kid was suspended for possessing a bag of oregano

Winner 2. A robber was arrested after a bank teller requested 2 forms of ID before turning over any money. The robber actually complied with the request and the teller stalled even more by taking her time copying the ID’s, giving police time to arrive.

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  1. Frannie
    2013/11/11 at 19:21

    Dutch Harbor report . Dutch Harbor Alaska

    From the local police blotter:

    Ambulance request, Oct. 25 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a fisherman with a badly injured foot.

    Welfare check, Oct. 26 — Drunken brother reported his equally intoxicated sibling had been puking for the last hour. Officers responded and found two drunks, one of whom professed to be fine and used his two middle fingers to express just how fine he really was.

    Drunk disturbance, Oct. 29 — Officer contacted an intoxicated patron at a local bar who challenged first another patron and then the officer to a fight. The obnoxious inebriate was advised to go back to his vessel before shore leave was cancelled for all his comrades.

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