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Concealed Carry on Campus Clears Hurdle in Idaho

It has passed the house and is now moving on to the senate, this is truly excellent news. Students would, under this bill, be allowed to exercise their right to be able to defend themselves while attending school.

One of the major concerns than anyone should have here is that the presence of firearms in campus housing, a traditional mecca for drugs and alcohol, would be a danger. This bill would prohibit firearms from being brought into undergrad housing. So that should be a concern put to rest.

Another big concern, a foolish one, is that firearms on campus would mean gun violence on campus. It’s foolish because most of the mass shootings in this country happen in so called “gun free zones”, you know those places that remain gun free only until someone decides they want to shoot them up. Is case you are an idiot, that means that gun free zones are useless. Their only function is to ensure that when/if someone does decide to kill a bunch of people there, they will do so unopposed.

So in short, this bill would allow those people who have a valid concealed weapons permit to carry a concealed firearm on college campuses, but not in undergrad housing. It would ensure that anyone wishing to commit a shooting on those campuses would have to contend with an unknown quantity of trained and armed students.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that while liberals everywhere will decry this bill when it passes, we can all rest assured that nothing bad is going to happen, aside from some typical liberal fear mongering. Just remember that a bunch of states already permit weapons on college campuses, with no ill effects. I bet you can’t even name the states without first doing a Google search. To me that means that no crazy shootings have happened there, if they had, we would all know that the state permits weapons on campus and that permission would be held up as the cause of the shooting.

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