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Another Dumb Union Stunt

I never thought I would find myself defending the Huffington Post, but here we have a union, The Newspaper Guild, organizing a strike because HuffPo has failed to pay it’s unpaid, volunteer writers. That’s what it boils down to.

I know… What? Unpaid writers, is it any surprise that they were not compensated in any way? As HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz said:

“There’s no commitment; they can post as frequently or infrequently as they would like to. The Huffington Post makes no claim of ownership over their posts, and they can cross-post on other sites, including their own,”

It seems again that there is confusion over what the purpose of a business is. The purpose of a business is not to pay people or “create” jobs. The purpose of a business is to make money, plain and simple. It’s too bad if people don’t like to hear that. HuffPo is right on this one, if they don’t want to write for HuffPo anymore, they don’t have to.

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