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This is absolutely the type of person we need in politics. I realize they are poking fun at conservatives belief that government is largely useless, but it strikes a chord with me. People should be dragged kicking and screaming into office, I’ve had enough of the people who make a career out of making our laws.


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  1. 2011/03/17 at 17:23

    We do need more ignorant people.

  2. 2011/03/17 at 20:01

    No we need fewer career politicians, it’s not the same thing.

  3. 2011/03/18 at 05:51

    Like Christine O’Donnell.

  4. 2011/03/18 at 06:46

    Like Barack Obama for example. A man who have never held a real job.

  5. 2011/03/18 at 10:41

    You’re listening to too much Carr.

  6. 2011/03/18 at 10:47

    Sorry, a guy who worked as a lawyer for a non-profit for a few years before going into politics for a career doesn’t qualify as having held a real job. It’s isn’t limited to democrats, I’m not trying to say that, there are tons of career political types that should be tossed out to make way for a true citizen congress, one where they come in for a few years and than go away.

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