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  1. 2011/03/10 at 05:31

    Unions have been agreeing to make concessions all over the place. What has been outrageous is that none of this has made a difference to the Republican ideological battle on these middle class workers.

  2. 2011/03/10 at 06:37

    So I keep hearing. The state government, as it currently sits in Wisconsin, no longer wishes to do business with unions as they used to. That’s their right as it should be the right of any employer to decide they no longer wish to deal with a union.

    It used to be that people took public sector jobs for the security. Now it’s because they never take pay decreases and enjoy the enormous advantage of being able to make demands on an entity that doesn’t have to make a profit to keep the doors open. It’s middle class workers that get left holding the sack when public employees get lavish benefits. Don’t forget that.

    Unfortunately the democrats were chucked out in record numbers in state houses across the country. Perhaps in the next election the people will reverse their decision, I wouldn’t hold your breath for it though.

  3. 2011/03/10 at 16:50

    Public Union /= Middle Class Worker

  4. 2011/03/11 at 05:03

    This certainly has a good chance of backfiring on the Republicans. Serious recall efforts are under way where applicable in Wisconsin; Walker faces a small chance of facing that same fate. You don’t see tens of thousands of people descend on one small area without it meaning something.

    Jack, you aren’t smart enough for this. Skedaddle.

  5. 2011/03/11 at 05:22

    I didn’t see many minorities in those pictures, I bet it means they are racist! Just like those tea party people!

    It could backfire, on either party. Don’t forget that there are at least as serious recall efforts underway for democrats as well. 16 senators 8 democrat, 8 republican, plus Walker, I don’t think there is much chance of him being recalled though and even if he is, or any of them are, all that means is a new election.

  6. 2011/03/11 at 21:40

    Jack, you aren’t smart enough for this. Skedaddle

    Micheal, I could randomly tap on the keyboard and make more sense concerning the economy than you.

    As an actual contributing member of the middle class, I know from experience it isn’t Republican policies hurting the middle class.

  7. 2011/03/12 at 01:22

    While I appreciate the times you decide to stop being a stubborn jackass and start using commas around names correctly, you really make it hard not to cringe when you misspell one of the most common names in the United States.

    And, oh, your experience is why you know so much? You mean you’re old? Yeah. That argument still isn’t going to fly. You should really just stick to figuring out the logistics of things. (But do try and stay away from phones. It got annoying when your chubby fingers figured that one out.)

  8. 2011/03/12 at 01:41

    It’s like you two are married.

  9. 2011/03/12 at 09:32

    While I appreciate the times you decide to stop being a stubborn jackass and start using commas around names correctly, you really make it hard not to cringe when you misspell one of the most common names in the United States.

    I didn’t even refer to a state here. Are you obsessively reading my blog again?

    And, oh, your experience is why you know so much? You mean you’re old? Yeah. That argument still isn’t going to fly. You should really just stick to figuring out the logistics of things. (But do try and stay away from phones. It got annoying when your chubby fingers figured that one out.)

    No, Micheal, not just because I am old by the estimation of a kid – because I have started businesses, made business decisions, hired, fired, bought and sold property and built buildings. Because I support a family, have supported an elderly parent and put children through college. These are the things the ‘middle class’ deals with and based on that real world experience and not merely some clichés parroted by someone who has never actually made such decisions, I can say it isn’t Republican policies hurting the middle class.     

  10. 2011/03/12 at 16:43

    Are you so stubborn because that’s just the way old people tend to be or is it because you can’t figure out the logistics of something? Is your computer chair just not accommodating to your size and it’s making you uncomfortable? Is that why you bizarrely said something about states? I’d really like to help you, Jack, but you have to want to help yourself first.

  11. 2011/03/12 at 22:11

    Michael, why do you keep projecting your characteristics on to others? Do you really think you aren’t stubborn?

    And you are still strangely focused on my appearance – odd on one hand because you have no idea what I look like and the other hand because you are a guy. Unless you are planning on coming out soon, there is really no reason to be.

  12. 2011/03/12 at 22:22

    I’d like to claim the mantle of most stubborn here.

  13. 2011/03/13 at 02:08

    I’m not offended by the gay insinuation, what with not being a bigot. What gets me is that you think I might have such poor taste. After all, despite your pathological desire to lie, I do know what you look like.

  14. 2011/03/13 at 02:08
  15. 2011/03/13 at 10:04

    It’s not a gay insinuation; I am just seeking a logical explanation for why you are obsessed with another man’s appearance for years.

  16. 2011/03/13 at 17:29

    ’cause ur fat

  17. 2011/03/13 at 19:32

    That why you are obsessed with my appearance?

  18. 2011/03/14 at 00:38

  19. 2011/03/14 at 04:42

    That is perhaps the worse use of that clip I have ever seen. Hiding behind such things doesn’t change your obvious psychological issues Michael. Denial would explain a lot of your anger management issues and inability to relate to others.

  20. 2011/03/14 at 15:59

    Why is a torso talking to me?

  21. 2011/03/14 at 18:55

    Oh – you thought this was a sword fight? Typical.

  22. 2011/03/14 at 19:02

    You know… Harrison Ford could probably still kick my ass and the man is nearly 70.

  23. 2011/03/14 at 23:21

    Maybe he’s Jack’s younger, fitter cousin.

  24. 2011/03/15 at 06:38

    That’s not a little of your much hated ageism is it, Michael?

  25. 2011/03/15 at 09:51

    Yeah, did you get beat up by an old guy when you were a child or what?

  26. 2011/03/16 at 00:20

    Oldness doesn’t just mean being physically old, Nate. It just so happens Jack is.

  27. 2011/03/16 at 08:36

    And you know this how Michael?

    Oh, right, you don’t. If physicals have anything to say about it I am in great shape; certainly better than you buddy PZ who had to have a stent put in, and obviously better than Hitchens who destroyed himself physically.

    Of course hypocrisy and ignorance don’t prevent you from blathering on, so I imagine the inanity to continue.

  28. 2011/03/16 at 19:04

    ur still fat

  29. 2011/03/16 at 19:42

    And you’re an idiot; the difference is my weight Is always changing…

  30. 2011/03/16 at 21:34

    Only two grammatical errors. You’re improving, Jack. Now go get that gym membership and you’ll be on the road to success! But remember: I can’t help you unless you want to help yourself first!

  31. 2011/03/16 at 21:54

    Bless you Michael. 🙂

  32. 2011/03/17 at 02:16

    No, need. As an atheist, I recognize the need to make my own way, to put a real effort into things. That’s why – in stark contrast to you – I’m healthy and know something about biology; working hard at fitness and not dropping out of bio programs is the way to do things. Blessings? No thanks, Jacko.

  33. 2011/03/17 at 08:06

    Well, other than the fact I do work out 3 to 4 times a week, eat healthy, am healthy by all measures, and didn’t ‘drop put’ of any bio program, you got it right Michael.

    Are ad homs all you got?

  34. 2011/03/17 at 17:16



    Y U LIE?

  35. 2011/03/17 at 18:54

    Well, at least aren’t even pretending to respond intelligently.

  36. 2011/03/18 at 04:28


    Meme style questions are still good questions.

  37. 2011/03/18 at 09:11


    So I guess this means you still have nothing worthwhile to say about the impact of Republican policies on the middle class.

  38. 2011/03/18 at 10:42

    Is it a Republican policy to be fat? If so, I have some opinions, but I may defer to you.

  39. 2011/03/18 at 10:43

    Still unable to address the topic.

  40. 2011/03/18 at 10:51

    Fatness is Michael Moore’s policy. Other policies include decrying capitalism and making millions off of the capitalist sale of his “documentaries”. You know the ones, where the only truth is found in the credits.

  41. 2011/03/18 at 12:52

    Why so serious?

    Is it because you have no degree, you’re still fat, and you don’t want to admit it, Jacko?

    cuz i think thats y

  42. 2011/03/18 at 12:54

    And yes, Michael Moore is a fat sack.

  43. 2011/03/18 at 19:21

    I have a degree, and you need to attend to your own people before preaching to those of us whom are quite fit by comparison.

    Oh, and you are still not addressing the topic.

  44. 2011/03/18 at 23:13


  45. 2011/03/18 at 23:26




  46. 2011/03/19 at 01:02

    So no biology degree, huh?

  47. 2011/03/19 at 06:51

    It’s a degree in biology, Michael.

  48. 2011/03/19 at 07:15

    Uh-huh. What year? What school?

  49. 2011/03/19 at 07:28

    Would this be you, Jacko? Iowa, 1987? It looks like you’re claiming to have this big ol’ piece of paper but all you’ve done is web development for the past 20+ years. Bit strange, don’t you think? Maybe you could grace us with a picture of that degree? Hmm?

  50. 2011/03/19 at 07:46

    That would be me Michael; I never claimed I worked as a biologist. But quite frankly, I am not obligated to detail my education or work history foryou. I do appreciate your ongoing stalking efforts though.

  51. 2011/03/19 at 08:00

    So no bio degree.

  52. 2011/03/19 at 08:03

    Whatever Michael, go stalk someone else.

  53. 2011/03/19 at 22:08

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