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“There’s PLENTY of money in rich people’s pockets (and homes, and investments) but “We’ve allowed them to take that. That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours.”‘
~Michael Moore

In other words, if you’ve earned money, saved money, created a business, invested in business, or otherwise made any money…Michael Moore says you’re a thief who has stolen from the common people. But where would Michael Moore get the ridiculous idea that anyone is entitled to the money in other people’s pockets? We think it came from his lifetime of stealing the food off of other people’s plates.

From the comics commentary.

  1. 2016/07/10 at 12:57

    I miss the old cartoon like Dora the explorer, she used to go on edventures but now look at her it’s a skinny version of her and who want to see all these kids playing in the city instead of watching her go on edventures and discover new things.who wants to see her in the city I’d rather watch her go to new places and keep an eye out for swipper. And what about boots Dora and boots did EVERYTHING together.. What happened to that did they just not want to be together or did Dora ditch backpack and boots..cause it seems like that to me.

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