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AP Wants Gun Owners Names Released

The AP would like to have the names of registered gun owners in Illinois released. I’ve heard that one of the reasons the State Police have refused is because they fear it could endanger the lives of those people.

I think a bit differently. I would be concerned that it would endanger those who do not own guns. A short bit of research would tell you whether the home your about to break into contains guns or not. Yes, there are a lot of stupid criminals, but there are a lot of pretty smart ones too.

I own guns, many of them. I assure you that my home is not a place you want to break into, at least not if you truly value your life. I would suggest making doubly sure I’m not home.

I’m also not sure who’s business it is whether or not a person owns firearms. It’s certainly not any of my neighbors business. If they wished to know they could ask and I might tell them. It should be up to the individual though, not some toadying attorney general.

There is no reason for anyone to have access to a state list of registered gun owners (which I don’t agree with either). If a person was intending to commit a crime there’s an excellent chance they aren’t going to bother registering anyway. I believe a well armed society is a safer one. People intending to commit violent crimes such as murder don’t give a fig about registration and ‘gun-free zones’, zones which only remain free of guns and violence until someone steps into one looking to shoot the place up, unopposed.

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