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Papal Infallibility

This has always bugged me. The big question of papal infallibility always gets asked and few people even understand it.

You think the Pope is infallible? LOL! Stupid head!

Lets look at it very simply.

The Pope, like the Supreme Court, is never wrong. The Pope is a monarch, an absolute one to be precise the last in existence. As such there is no other branch of “government”, for lack of a better term, to change the rules or modify the Pope’s decisions. He is personally sovereign and so yes, when it comes to matters of church, he is infallible.

Just compare to the SCOTUS. They enjoy a sort of infallibility, there is no appeal from there. The only option is to change the Constitution in the majority of cases. Something the court has no say in. Unlike the Pope, who can change the rules anytime he wants.

He’ll, in theory, have to answer to God one day, so you know where to file your ecclesiastical appeals. Can I please stop hearing about this now? Its more a question of government than it is one of church or religion, so it’s really just a meager argument.

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