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Drug Policy

I’m against most drugs. The exceptions being nicotine and alcohol which are so ingrained in our culture that it would be wasteful and foolish to try and get rid of them. By and large though, I couldn’t care less about drugs or the people that do them.

What would I favor for a drug policy? Let people do whatever they want and allow health care providers to refuse all but lifesaving care if they wish. Added to that, allow the government and employers to ban any drugs they want in their employees and in the beneficiaries of social programs. You want to do drugs? Fine, but don’t expect the tax payers or your employer to subsidize their use by providing money or benefits to you through employment or any other means, if they so choose.

It’s not discrimination it’s your choice and the consequences are what they are. Loss or denial of employment or ineligibility or loss of food stamps or public housing, etc. (I’m against welfare on the whole but that’s not the point here.)

In reality I think the best thing to do would be to allow people to pay fines for minor possession without a court appearance. Go visit your local district court and look at the docket. I promise you will find a large chunk of cases devoted to possession of alcohol (by minors) and usable amounts of marijuana. What a waste of time.

If you stay and watch the proceedings and I again promise you, most of the people plead guilty and pay the fine and it just wastes time. Assign a nominal fine and let people pay it like a traffic ticket, mail in a check. The fines could even increase for subsequent violations or result in a court hearing after a certain number, but lets be real, there are often no arguments heard and a fine is assigned.

The court time is our time and it’s being squandered on small things like this. Chances are that not only could the number of judges be reduced but revenues from fines would be increased and associated costs decreased. Overall productivity in society would likely see a small increase too, a lot of these people take the day off from work to go and say “Guilty”.

Again, I don’t approve of drug use, but lets be real here, we are wasting money and time and the same result could be had by paying the fine through the mail or online.

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