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I almost blew up today.

As it turns out, if you don’t clean your camp stove often enough, it can blow up.

There I was pumping the damned thing and I couldn’t get it to light. I figured it was because I had it sitting outside too long. When its cold the fuel doesn’t evaporate fast enough to be light-able. So I went inside to get some preheating gel to warm things up.

One thing led to another and I got side tracked, ate lunch, poked the puppy to wake her up because I’m mean and she looks adorable when she wakes up and 2 hours later I remembered my stove outside.

So I get the napalm and I head out, forgetting in the process that it had already been pumped, I pumped it some more, far too much as it turns out.

I opened the valve and go to light it and… see the title of this post. Actually, not quite a boom, but a whoosh, I think we can all agree that boom is more exciting, so we will be sticking with that.

Needless to say, the resulting fireball was dangerous and too close to my face and other property, but it was oddly satisfying.

What was not satisfying was the state of the stove, which after it continued burning for about 20 minutes, on its side, was not good.

I have dutifully ordered a new one, and I’ll take pleasure in making a nice post about the goods when they arrive on Tuesday. New gear is second only to fresh pizza and good beer.

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  1. 2011/03/04 at 08:44

    Well we are glad you are still with us Nate.

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