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Moosejaw… The Greatest Company Ever

Seriously. www.moosejaw.com

These guys are out of their minds for one thing, for another their customer service is as good as you could ever hope for and to wrap things up their hold “music” is Winston Churchill’s greatest speeches. Why? No goddamn idea, but its great.

The orders come fast, and they always have a promotion going, currently you get a free moosejaw hoody with the purchase of any item over 99$. You also get 10% back on every order in “moosejaw points” to spend on stuff. They are worth about a penny each and you get 10 for each dollar spent, it’s a good deal.

In the past they offered a “break up line”. You filled out this form on the website and they would call and break up with whomever you listed on your behalf. Why? No goddamn idea. (for the first 100 people or something as I remember)

Here, they are trying to gather 10,352 crying tomatoes. Why? No goddamn idea.

Here, we have information about their “french kissing service”.

I think you get the idea of what this place is like. Completely out of their minds and seemingly more interested in nonsense than actually running a respectable business.

Than again, a respectable business is supposed to make money, and I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the quirkiness of this place probably makes them a ton of money, its a shock compared to the dignity of L.L. Bean’s, but a welcome shock.

Moosejaw, Love the Madness.

UPDATE: From a recent order:

Your Order Has Been Placed

Way to go. You’ve won the best email receipt we’ve sent out all day. We recommend either printing this receipt and framing it in your foyer or using it as a screensaver. It would probably also be nice for you to forward it around to a couple friends and maybe even an enemy or two.

If you’re bored, check us out on Facebook and on Twitter. Our CFO said he doesn’t understand why anyone would use Twitter. He also thinks that a narwhal is a made-up animal. Please don’t tell anyone about it.

If you care more about your order than our nonsense you can track your package right to your doorstep. We will email you tracking information at 9pm EST on the night that your order ships. You can also check your order status online. Don’t be scared if you don’t see your order right away. We just have to process it first.Go Here to View Your Order Status and Order History

No chance you’re still reading this but if you are, we’re posting pictures of folks using the products on the product pages at Moosejaw.com. If you fall in the folks category please email a photo of your gear in action to pictureman@moosejaw.com and we’ll add your picture to Moosejaw.com and add 100 Moosejaw Reward points to your account. If you have Moosejaw in your picture we’ll double the points. Oh, we only give points on one photo per product and you need to buy the product from us. A customer tried getting a million points when he sent us his wedding album so we had to write this.

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