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Kids These Days

So it seems this young man decided he didn’t like Bush so much he would blow up his house. The only problem with his plan is that he appears to be an idiot.

He now faces up to a 250,000$ fine (how he would pay it, who knows) and life in prison (there you go, he wouldn’t have to pay it).

I’d like to point out that it is people like this that are the greatest danger to us. It doesn’t appear he was connected to any terrorist organization. He received no help from any one else. His targets were solely his targets, for his own reasons. How does one find and intercept these “cabin in the woods” types?

He was also trying to manufacture a substandard explosive. There are much more effective ones out there, ones much less likely to draw attention by the purchase of the materials needed to manufacture them. He also planned to use what the military refers to as VBIED’s (vee-bids) or vehicle borne improvised explosive devices, probably not a very effective means of attacking his intended targets.

The fact that he is middle eastern really doesn’t matter. The fact is nearly all ideologies can be expressed in violent means, whether the person in question is a tea party member, an atheist, middle eastern, Catholic, bald, belongs to a union, Muslim, etc. As it happens at the moment we see a lot of violence of the terrorist kind comingĀ  from Muslims, its a simple product of effectiveness and nothing else. I only mean to say that the outward physical, political and religious traits of a person don’t mark them as any more likely to commit terrorism than any other person. There are trends like with everything else, and we just have to accept them.

For these lone tigers really the only way to find them is to catch a mistake, a tall order in some cases. Luckily for us, this guy seems to have been an idiot.


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