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Koch Brothers

The left has been going on and on about the Koch brothers recently. It ends up the public hasn’t rejected left-wing ideas because they suck and are awful, it’s just because of the Koch brothers. In fact, everyone would love liberalism if it weren’t for the Koch brothers and their money.

So who are the Koch brothers? They are these really rich brothers who are responsible for all conservatism — at least since a couple weeks ago which is when liberals suddenly all started complaining about them. Anyway, there basically wouldn’t be anything right-wing if it weren’t for their funding. Like in the last election, everyone who voted Republican got $5000. And check your pocket; you’ll find twenty bucks. That’s what the Koch brothers paid you to read this right-wing site. Ask yourself: Would you actually read this site if you weren’t paid to? Of course not. You’re not even really a conservative; it’s just that’s what you have to pretend to be to get Koch brother money.

Like, I wouldn’t even be blogging about politics if it weren’t for Koch brother money. But I get thousands of dollars from the Kochs every time I make fun of Obama.

BTW, Obama’s got crazy ears! **ka ching!**

So, anyway, the Koch brothers are the only reason conservatives are around. So that’s why liberals are constantly going on about them even though no one else cares. If they can just stop that flow of money, conservatism will dry up and people will stop thinking liberals smell funny and are weird — because we won’t get the $80 for thinking that anymore.

I’m going to go look at my guns and pretend I like freedom. I get $500 for that.

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  1. 2011/02/24 at 16:38

    The only reason liberals say these sort of things about the Koch brothers is because George Soros pays them to.

  2. 2011/02/24 at 16:47

    hahahahahah! Check your pocket right now, 20$! Thats what Soros paid you to complain about the Koch brothers.

  3. 2011/02/24 at 23:31

    The Koch brothers contribute major funding and support to the recent Tea Party phenomenon. That they aren’t forthcoming with their activities is why people are talking about them. George Soros, on the other hand, plays into Glenn Beck’s imagination.

    Oh. And someone pretending to be one of the brothers talked to a governor who refuses to talk to the unions that are willing to do what is needed to get a state’s finances in order. So there’s that.

  4. 2011/02/25 at 00:27

    Why do they need to be forthcoming? I don’t have to be with my activities.

  5. 2011/02/25 at 07:57

    Because they’re intentionally trying to make their activities look like grassroots efforts that are designed to help the average individual. In reality they’re just pushing an ideological agenda, an agenda that will primarily help them get richer.

  6. 2011/02/25 at 09:12

    No more than the liberal side does. How many many union protesters have been bussed in from other states do you suppose? Given that “big labor” spends more on politics than “big pharma” and “Big oil” can anything they organize be considered any more “grassroots” than what the Koch Bros have organized?

    Or will we accept that few such movements ever exist and perhaps should still be considered so even if they get some funding from ______?

  7. 2011/02/25 at 11:33

    There is no difference between what George Soros and the Koch brothers do – they use their wealth to promote ideas they believe in. I fail to see anything wrong with that action.

    The Koch brothers could make a lot more money if they didn’t push for free markets, but instead pushed for regulations and subsidies tailor-made for their own benefit. Their refusal to do so and instead support the free market – which is friendly to business in particular, but not specific businesses – reveals sincerity over greed.

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