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USS Sterett & USS Bainbridge

I would like to take a minute, even in light of the tragedy that has befallen 4 Americans off the coast of Africa, to mention 2 ships that played important roles in that area of the world.

Both of these ships are Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, a type built at 2 shipyards in the US and both ships were built at the same shipyard and that shipyard lives in Bath, Maine.

I’m proud to say that I provided communications support to the security escorts when both ships were launched and when they went to sea for their trials prior to their delivery to the Navy.

Ship building has always been a Maine industry and although not as big as it once was, is still a major industry on the coast. It should also be known that Bath-built ships are regarded as some of the best ships in the Navy, having never suffered from any major manufacturing defects… Unlike destroyers from the other yard in Mississippi.

At least we have something right up here in Maine.

UPDATE: The Bainbridge was the ship from which Navy sharpshooters dispensed appropriate justice to several pirates holding the captain of a US flagged vessel Maersk Alabama captive.

The Sterett is the ship that was to try and negotiate with the pirates holding the US yacht Quest. In due course I hope to see the 13 surviving pirates buried outside a US prison, fresh from the execution chamber.

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