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Dirty Harry and Hookers

Harry Reid, the US Senate slim majority leader, has called for the abolition of prostitution in Nevada.

Shouldn’t a woman be able to do what she wants with her body? Hmmm democrats?

Honestly I don’t care about the rights and wrongs of prostitution. It’s similar to gay marriage for me, in that I’ll never vote to legalize it, but I don’t really care. I’m against both, but I don’t think we need the state to play nanny.

In an economically free society people should be able to sell what they want, to whom they want, at whatever price they want. Including but not limited to what you or I feel is sinful or depraved or harmful to society.

“It is necessary in the first instance that the parties in the market should be free to sell and buy at any price at which they can find a partner to the transaction, and that anybody should be free to produce, sell, and buy anything that may be produced or sold at all.”
~Friedich Von Hayek

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