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Under the Bridge. Where Trolls Belong.

I have already deleted two comments that were simply useless. Both were directed at me and my intelligence and/or faith. That’s fine, I have no issues with that what-so-ever but I don’t want to be reading comments that have nothing to do with the topic or that are only there to insult, that is they have nothing to do with the topic.

Here’s a nice place to put all of those and I won’t delete them. My mother, my religion, the Pope, Henry VIII, whomever or whatever you wish. This is a nice place for you to put that sort of comment. As long as it doesn’t concern my dog, who is off limits, you are welcome to insult me and anyone or thing you wish right here. I’ll even post a nice link to it someplace.

I’ll delete comments that are meant to be insulting AND serve no constructive purpose anywhere else. But as I just related to a commenter on another blog, I will provide for them.

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  1. 2011/02/21 at 23:12

    I’m posting this on behalf of “TRUTHOVERfaith” who left it laying around where it didn’t belong.

    “Hey nate,

    By reading your blog I have learned that Kirk Cameron is not the dumbest Christian on earth.
    Congratulations. Sorry there’s no prize money.”

  2. Lovdahl
    2011/06/28 at 12:33

    I heard your mother wears combat boots.

  1. 2011/02/22 at 15:04

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