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Right to Work?

Many states have laws that allow union membership to be compulsory. Maine is such a state, we have so-called “fair share” here that in most cases requires state employees to pay dues to MSEA, the biggest union, or their respective union in jobs or job classes not represented by MSEA.

Far from what most unions would say about what it is they do, this shows clearly that it is not a choice of whether to have or not have union representation, not whether or not to be able to bargain individually but that it’s all about self perpetuation in the case of the union.

The rationale behind “fair share” is that non-union employees benefited from collectively bargained contracts while they did not pay dues. That may be true, but its roughly like saying that I should pay taxes in Texas because something that state did benefited me here in Maine.

Furthermore it puts unions in anyplace where membership is compulsory in a very different position than in those places where it is voluntary. It places a union in the position of only having to do just enough to avoid getting de-certified, rather than show themselves as a good value for the money, that is their dues.

Whether we admit it or not, labor unions are in the business of selling, just like any other business. They sell a service, protection, akin to doctors and insurance. Except in some states you MUST purchase what they are selling, regardless of your need or desire for the product offered.

You also have to consider the result of most unions. While they have been a force for good in the past, many, not all by any means, but many are in the business of doing harm. While it’s true that higher wages and benefits seem like a good thing on the surface, at their core they do nothing but inflate the cost of labor, and like minimum wage, increase the cost of living.

It’s time to return to the days when we were each individual “small businessmen”, in effect the thing being sold was our labor, our time, our sweat. Unlike today in which many jobs now require a worker to sell their wares through a union. A union that will tell them, how, how long, for how much and under what circumstances they can work. All the while charging a fee for that “service”.

If you wish to join a union, that’s fine, but it should be a choice, and a business or government should be able to choose not to do business with that union.

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