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The Value of a Life

While commenting on another blog, another commenter asserted that the following question was rhetorical:

“what is your life worth in other peoples money?”

It wasn’t rhetorical, but it just seemed that way because I’m guessing he couldn’t think of a good answer.

It was all in regard to the ‘obamacare’ bill and in particular the coverage mandate. It makes no difference whether or not there are ‘death panels’ because under the mandate we are all subsidizing each other’s health care expenses and so one can make a case that there should be death panels, a point made in the same comment string by Michael of Young, Hip and Conservative. (who also has a snazzy new theme for his blog)

The point Michael made was very simple. In not as many words he said that is both irresponsible and unreasonable to provide for unlimited health care in a system funded by compulsion. If we are all going to pay for it, and not have a choice, than we should get to decide where to draw the line and stop coverage.

While I’m sure every one of us would spend every dollar we had to keep ourselves alive the question remains unanswered…

How much of other peoples money is your life worth?

UPDATE: I just had a thought. Considering everything above, should occupation be taken into account when you decide what someone’s life is worth? If you’re a clerk at a convenience store tough luck.

By now its clear that obamacare is not going to lower prices, it isn’t going to guarantee care (access yes, but that’s not care necessarily), and it will most likely not cut one dime from the deficit. It’s logical to say that we cannot care for everyone under every circumstance, unless we intend to bankrupt half the country with rising health insurance costs.

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