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Drugs Drugs Drugs

It’s good to see that foreign aid and donations of AIDS medications, money, etc. are going to good use.

It appears that people in (at least) South Africa are smoking AIDS medicine along with rat poison, detergent and good old marijuana in order to get high. Whether or not the medicine in question has any effect on the actually getting high part, doctors say no, but it hardly makes any difference.

People think it does and so even if it doesn’t the problem is the same: People are being robbed of their medicine and their money to support the drug habits of others. How nice.

Users report this drug mixture, “whoonga” as being intensely addictive, something marijuana is, supposedly, chemically not, you have to wonder what component is making it so. The antiretroviral? Rat poison? Perhaps the detergent?

I’m going to guess that the only intoxicating substance is the marijuana, eliminate that and this drug mixture would appear to be useless to the person looking to get high. Maybe an effort should be made to do that, could help.


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  1. 2011/01/28 at 01:44

    Marijuana can cause mental dependency, but it isn’t physical addictive.

  2. 2011/01/28 at 03:27

    So the research says. I’ve always maintained that anything can be addictive, if it gives pleasure. Try taking humpty dumpty BBQ chips away from me, you’d probably lose a hand. (I’m almost certain they put cocaine in the chips)

    What the hell are these people thinking though?

  3. 2011/01/28 at 03:31

    Great name for a drug though, “whoonga”, I wonder if its descriptive of something or just a catchy name for the advertising.

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