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START Ratified

Well after months and months of kicking this can around on our end, the upper and lower houses of the Russian Parliament have finished kicking it around on their end.

It’s still a mess.

In an accompanying resolution the US Senate made clear that they do not interpret this treaty as limiting US missile defense.

In an accompanying resolution the Russian Parliament made clear that as long as any defensive systems we create don’t work too well than we can develop anything we want.

So here we are. We have the treaty, but what we don’t have is any real assurances that the Russians won’t pull out of it if we develop a decent missile defense system. If fact we almost have an assurance that they will.

I predict that is exactly what will happen. I don’t know how long but as determined as we are to have defenses the Russians are determined that we should not. They do have a point, I have to concede.

For us to be, for all intents and purposes, invulnerable to strategic nuclear attack would undermine what a nuclear deterrent is supposed to accomplish, mutually assured destruction.

What should we do? Develop a kick ass missile defense system obviously, tell the Russians to pound sand. To negotiate offensive nuclear warhead levels is one thing, to allow a foreign power to play a hand in purely defensive weapon levels is quite another.

And bury Lenin already, for Gods sake, the man died almost 100 years ago.

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