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As the left seems to think illegal is a bad word for those who are here illegally they often use words like undocumented so as not to offend them and make them feel like they are in the wrong. Taking an idea from Howie Carr I have prepared a short list of other things that need their wording changed so as not to offend people.

It’s not bank robbery it an “undocumented withdrawal”

They are not drug dealers they are “undocumented pharmacists”

It’s not assault to hit someone in the face it’s “undocumented cosmetic surgery”

If your driving without a license you’re just an “undocumented driver”, no big deal

If you don’t pay your taxes you are an “undocumented tax payer”

See its all much better sounding if we just forget things are illegal and clean up the language to make everyone feel fluffy instead of just telling it like it is. Think of all the people who are put out because they are called “bank robbers” and “tax evaders”. What a glorious effect these changes will have and we will all be better for it!

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