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Olbermann Departs MSNBC

Yes that’s right, he’s gone. Not a moment too soon. The filth that this man spread on the air over roughly the last 6 years is unequaled by any right leaning opinion show on TV today.

I’m not saying he was a liar, although I’m sure he told some good ones. I’m also not saying he wasn’t a good host. He was. He did what he did very well. There is a limit to how much name calling I can tolerate though. He captained the flagship of Bush name calling, and also the flagship of “critisism of Obama is racist”. Although as we know, the vast majority of criticism of Obama has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with his abysmal leadership and disagreement with his policies, shocking I know, but thats the truth.

What will he do now? I have an idea, he’ll do exactly what he’s been doing, he’ll just wear the makeup, big shoes, squirting flower and squeaky red nose to go with it.


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