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Georgia School Won’t Move Graduation From Church

Good for them. There is no reason to. The baptist church they are going to have the graduation at reportedly offers the most space for the least money. 2000$ for all of the commencement ceremonies.

Yet a group called the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State are suing the city to have it moved to a non-religious venue. Why? They are not there for a church service. If there is no preaching going on than all it is, is a big space, hardly a religious component to the graduation.

To put it all in perspective my high school graduation space cost well over 2000$ and it was held in a building owned by the city to begin with!

If a bunch of atheists had a large building suited for congregating in (if they did they would call them whinerys) and offered it for less the the church was I’m sure the city of Atlanta would be happy to move there. They don’t so they’ll sue to force them to spend more on the ceremony and less, therefore, on the actual education of the students. I know it makes perfect sense.

I don’t think all atheists whine about stupid things all the time, there just seems to be a large amount of stupid things they are whining about at any given moment. Not that religious people are any better at not whining, but being a minority I am shocked that atheists match the religious in their whining ability’s. They have obviously found a way to make up for lack of numbers, frivolous lawsuits and yelling really loud while shaking their fists in the air.

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  1. 2011/01/21 at 14:56

    I am always suprised at the antipathy atheists show toward the mere existence of religious structures, as if those structures themselves emanated religious inclinations.

    Sort of like cooties.

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