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Help Yourself First

The first rule of giving care in any kind of bad situation, from combat to a plane crash, is to help yourself first than render care to others. The idea being that if you are injured, or likely to be injured by your actions, you become a liability and a hindrance rather than a help.

Apply this to what we do to help the worlds disadvantaged, it makes sense. We don’t give away a huge amount in foreign aid (at least not compared to what the federal government spends on the whole) but if that money were invested at home rather than abroad it just might build a larger more prosperous base with which we could do more good on the international level.

We have poor and disadvantaged right here in America. If government intervention could raise these people up (I doubt it, but just for arguments sake) than funds and resources should really be spent at home first and abroad second.

It might sound selfish but it isn’t. Remember, in the event of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on before assisting others, even your own children.

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