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New Gear!

Anyone who knows me will know I love gear, and I don’t leave home without the kitchen sink. I’ve had the same pack for about 10 years now, ever since I was 14 and it was time for a new one. I was looking for something in the 200-300$ range and about 7000 cubic inches (I think about 110 liters or so). My Ideal Pack would have been the Kelty Eagle 7850:

But at 400$ dollars It was outside of what I was willing to pay. Mostly because of it being a pack built for military users, its expensive. Not that military members have lots of money to spend, but they do have stringent gear requirements and put their stuff through the ringer. So it has to be built to last.

Than, the heavens parted and I saw a light coming down…

Actually it was an ad on facebook, but it was no less divine, my dream pack for 269.99$. So buy it I did. It should be here saturday and at the price, I expect another 10 years out of this pack.

Its a good lesson. Spending a little more on your stuff now can save you tons of money in the future. The LL Bean pack that I’m replacing is still in great condition and its seen hard use, but the larger initial investment paid off with a decade of worry free usage and no more financial outlay.

A penny spent can be ten pennies you don’t have to spend next year.

UPDATE: Those bastards at fedex won’t be delivering it until Monday now! Criminals. That’s what I paid 18$ shipping for.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: They delivered it Saturday anyways. Yay fedex!

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