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Nebraska May Allow Guns In Schools

I have to applaud this. The bill would allows administrators, teachers and security officers to carry concealed weapons on school property.

We all (should) know that so called “gun free zones” are a bad idea. If someone is willing to kill people and risk life in prison if not the death penalty, than the promise of a few years in jail because of violating the ban on guns is going to hold no weight what so ever.

The news is littered with stories of what happens when “gun free zones” are violated by people with the intent to murder, in short they end up killing people unopposed.

Would Columbine have been so atrocious if some of the staff had been armed? Maybe, or there could have been no deaths aside from the gunmen. There is no way to know, and I don’t want to make a guess since there is no way to know.

What I do know is “gun free zones” are nothing more than a advertisement about what kind of resistance you will face if you decide to go postal.

Lets hope they pass this bill and allow school staff to be armed, and hopefully prevent a future tragedy from occurring.

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